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Oatsfield better known as Leon Haferkamp (born in 1995) is an electronic music artist from North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany. His first musical steps took place in the early stages of his life in 1998 as he began to play the piano. Influenced at an early age by his musical family, Leon had the possibility to broaden up his horizon to many different musical styles. Starting his photo business “momentsbyleonhaferkamp“ in 2009. Shooting with DJ AXLNT, Noah Becker (KNOWA KNOWS), 2 Elements, Plastik Funk, and many more, Leon has been inspired to follow his own music career. Starting with an idea in 2015 and implementing it in 2017.

Oatsfield’s philosophy is to follow the path of life while listening with the heart.

Playing selected sounds and transmitting the energy of house music to the dance floor, Oatsfield makes sure to create a unique musical experience.

The future looks promising.